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2016 Costumes – Coming Soon!!.

2016 Costumes – Coming Soon!!

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Tropical Mas – Creative designers

Each year Tropical Mas creative designers reveal their new costumes and creations for Notting Hill Carnival, Woolwich Carnival, our members put on our costumes that do more than just cover up bodies. Our creative designers choose costumes and clothes that represent an annual theme that represents personalities, moods, the times we live in, the past, culture, fashions, ambitions and desires.Tropical Mas - Home Slide 2B

Tropical Mas creative designers team, who are they, who are people behind the designs that the members wear every year? These fashion designers or creative designers who have made festivals and carnivals fashion a huge industry, and whose work is as controversial, and as influential, as traditional art.

Tropical Mas creative designers are some of the designers who have dressed and shaped the world’s largest festivals and carnival; Notting Hill and Woolwich Carnival goers or people with the most flamboyant and bright colours — and are hugely famous and creative in their own right.

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