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Carnival Merchandise

Carnival Costume Deposit ONLY


Please contact us within 5 working days after making payment…

Most affordable carnival band for Carnivals; Four sections – Asian, African, Caribbean & European section.

Tropical Mas Tribalist represents London’s diverse communities, with a fusion of identity, carnival colours, energy and creative designs. Tropical Mas Tribalist infuses a selection of affordability, creativity, with a burst of tropical carnival colours. Tropical Mas is the most inexpensive carnival band on the road, Registration is FREE.

20% discount on selected costumes and T-Shirt packages until 30th May 2018.

Our all-inclusive Package: 

Unlimited Tropical vibes punch & a cup, One large meal with rice & peas or plain rice; Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Jerk pasta and or Vegetarian dishes on request. One Snack & sweets pack, Whistle, horn, flag or bandanna. Goody bag with lots of treats, Media team coverage – Tropical Mas own Videographer & Photographers. Splash Glitter Bling Makeup – available between 9:00 -11:00 am only. Security & Roped area services – wristband & ID required, Tropical Mas membership lanyard & identification badge

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