Tropical Mas – Tribalist [Miss Universe 1c]

Tropical Tribalist Warriors

Tropical Mas Tribalist Are you my creative Tribalist warrior? Do you have a creative warrior spirit by nature, are you a free-thinker or carnival lover? I want to work with people that don’t just talk, but actually make things happen. I am a visionary, forward-thinker and I plant seeds for future generations to benefit from. […]

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Tropical Mas Tribalist

Tropical Tribalist: This year’s theme is based on the historical journeys of people taken from different parts of the world looking especially at African, Asian, Caribbean, and European thus creating the Tropical Mas unique creative tribe, best referred to as the Tropical Mas Tribalist (Tribe). The Tropical Mas theme for 2018 is Tribalist, which is […]

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Black & White Dinner & Dance

Dskii Events and Tropical Mas Association presents Black and White – Silver Dinner & Dance Celebration Fundraiser. Why Black and White – Silver Party? You are cordially invited to Dskii Events and Tropical Mas Association Black and White – Silver Dinner & Dance Celebration Fundraiser. Join us as we celebrate the Tropical Mas Association (TMA) […]

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RED & WHITE GALA: UK BAME Awards, Fashion Show, Dinner & Dance, + After Party Sat 11th Feb 2017 – 6:00 pm – 4:00 am Doors open at 6:00 pm Show starts at 8.00 pm Doors closed at 1:00 am The “RED & WHITE GALA” will cater for a MATURE crowd.!! The Tramshed, 51-53 Woolwich […]

Dskii Carnival Club – Woolwich Carnival 1

Tropical Mas: A little girl’s dream!

Mas Band launches – April 3, 2016 AC Christie Let me share with you a story of a mas band which started because of a little girl’s love of carnival and a father’s determination to make her wish a reality. The co-founder of Tropical Mas band Dwayne Smith and his daughter Sasha would make their own […]

Tropical Mas Band – Launch Party!

Tropical Mas Band Carnival Costumes launch party is here!!  London most current, Greenwich most supported, biggest and most energised carnival band launch party “Tropical Mas Band” launch party will take place on Saturday 2nd of April 2016 at The O2, North Greenwich!! London largest and mostly visited venue! For those seeking a good night out, easy access, […]

Tropical Mas – Creative designers

Tropical Mas – Creative designers Each year Tropical Mas creative designers reveal their new costumes creations for Notting Hill Carnival, Woolwich Carnival and other major events, our members put on our costumes that do more than just cover up bodies. Our creative designers choose costumes and clothes that represent an annual theme that represents personalities, moods, […]

Tropical Mas – Who are you?

Tropical Mas  Tropical Mas has been around for a number years now, playing mas with different bands as sections or supporting in in creative designs, supplies, replicating and or managing production and distributions. Tropical Mas first started like most bands, as a fun or T-Shirts band, with the main objective of just having fun. We […]

Whats is Carnival?

Whats is Carnival? Carnival as we know it today began in the late 18th century. When the French arrived in Trinidad they introduced the European festivities of Carnivale, or “farewell to the flesh,” to mark the beginning of Lent. As their masters celebrated pre-Lent festivities, the West African slaves shipped to the Caribbean were allowed […]