Tropical Mas Tribalist warriors

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Tropical Mas Tribalist

Are you my Tribalist creative warrior?

Do you have a creative warrior spirit by nature, are you a free-thinker or carnival lover?

I want to work with people that don’t just talk, but actually make things happen.

I am a visionary, forward-thinker and I plant seeds for future generations to benefit from.

I am the Artistic & Events Director for Tropical Mas since the beginning of 2013 and rarely ask for much, however I am asking for your assistance today.

It just so happened that everything began to fall into place very quickly for Tropical Mas, my vision to place Tropical Mas in the heart of the Royal Borough of Greenwich has now become a reality; I have met other groups with whom I am working in partnership; they too are building a creative platforms.

In addition, I have engaged with professional artist & creative builders, musicians, promoters, and sponsors and developed the perfect concept, Tropical Tribalist-exactly as I envisioned it all these years!

Just a thought, some say Albert Einstein gravity theory idea came to him at the age of 23year – apple fallen, hit head”, 20 years later he presented this theory on gravity – genius right? {Link –

I saw a the Black Panther film, which only solidify a clear indication of what Tropical Mas Tribalist core purpose is about… Dskii Events – News Channel on YT:–Yo

Are you my Tribalist creative warrior?

Well, the leaders of Tesco, Barclays, Woolwich Carnival Association, Greenwich council, London Notting Carnival, CaribArts Project, just to name a few, are all in support of Tropical Mas Tribalist concept, are you?

Dskii Events – News Channel on YT:  – {More info – Woolwich District –

Are you my Tribalist creative warrior?

Are you going to watch from a distance?

Are you going to help Tropical Mas fulfil its purpose?

I’m seeking just 10 people to get involved in the rebuilding… Those people must be like-minded, have money or time to invest, and if possible, come to our meetings in Greenwich/Woolwich Arsenal; where we will all meet, see the plans for ourselves, and discuss what must be done to fulfil Tropical Mas Tribalist plans 2018 (if we haven’t already by then!)

If you align with my vision, get on board the project!

For more information: @TropicalMas #TropicalMas 0203 355 3432 / 07932 755 413

Are you my Tribalist warrior, let’s build together as one…