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Welcome to Tropical Mas Association (TMA)

togetherness, community, diversity, performance, music, dancing, creativity, carnival costumes and parades...

Tropical Mas Association (TMA) is a creative carnival themed community organisation that is based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG). Tropical Mas is collective of people from multicultural heritage and cultural background, with a love for Arts, Culture and community cohesion.

Tropical Mas has a growing reputation for being an innovative organisation whose primary focus is community engagement and cohesion.

Most of Tropical Mas projects are delivered through strategic planning and programming designed to break down barriers, widen knowledge, increase participation and bring members of the community together as one…

Tropical Mas Carnival Club

Children & Creative Arts - There’s no doubt about it that when it comes to arts, kids enjoy it!

Dwayne Smith
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Tropical Mas Carnival Club Masqueraders

We love indoors & outdoors activities and events

Tropical Mas Association (TMA) has grown over the years and has still maintained our love for performing & creative arts, culture and diversity. Our objective is having fun with the added experience of our team, we are able to bring family and friends together as one, creating the synergy desired within any great community or organisation.

Our motto that we still standby and have implemented for years is still being practiced to this day...Working together as one

Events & Activities

FREE Family Festivals (Fam-Fest) created by our expert designers, artists, performers and musicians, our events are fun and inclusive to everyone.

Learning & Participating

Caribbean Arts projects, get involved in our work with our creative workshops for families.

Notting Hill, Hackney One & Woolwich Carnival

Performing arts, street Carnival, processions, colour, costume, dance, and music.

Projects that make us proud...

Tropical Mas Association (TMA) represents learning and development for the community... everyone included.

Have a look at projects that we have undertaken within the community, in part and also in full, learn how we can make your event and your day special…

Tropical Mas projects are strategically planned and delivered to embrace its ethos... Togetherness, Community, Creativity Arts, Fun Arts, Events, Activities, Enjoyment, Family, Friends, Communities, Costume Band, Masquerades, Music, Culture and Diversity… in other words, a great creative carnival experience…

Our Partners & Supportive brands...

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Let's work together as one...