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Welcome to Tropical Mas Association (TMA)

Tropical Mas Association (TMA) is a creative carnival themed community organisation that is based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG). Tropical Mas is made up of people from a diverse heritage and cultural background with a love for the Arts. Tropical Mas has a deserved reputation as being an innovative organisation whose primary focus is community engagement and cohesion delivered through diversionary programmes to break down barriers, widen knowledge and increase participation in the arts… [Read more – click here]


Tropical Mas – Carnival band and Masqueraders…

We have grown over the years and have still maintained our objective of having fun, with added experience, we bring family and friends together as one, creating the synergy desired within any great carnival band. Our motto that we still standby and have implemented for years are still being practiced to this day.

Tropical Mas represents Creativity, Fun, Events, Activities, Enjoyment, Family, Friends, Communities, costume band, Masqueraders, Music, Culture and Diversity… in other words, a great carnival experience….


Tropical Mas theme for 2018

This year’s theme is based on the Tropical Tribalist represents the historical, political and cultural imperatives that have shaped London’s diverse communities. Tropical Tribalist is also a fusion of carnival colours, energy and creative designs.
Tropical Tribalist represents the unification of the regions of the world, looking especially at the different carnivals, festivals and global tribes from African, Asian, Caribbean, and the European regions.
Tropical Tribalist infuses a selection of tribes and colours to produce a creative collection of costumes that are affordable, creative, hot and spicy, with a burst of tropical carnival flavour, thus creating the Tropical Tribalist (Tribe).

A Tropical Tribalist (Tribe) can also be described as a person or a group of people that are advocating for the unification of creative carnival tribes with a common loyalty to their own tribal creative identity, organisation, culture and heritage.  


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Latest Work

Tropical Mas community carnival band of Designers, masqueraders and steel pan players, promoting arts, culture and heritage within the communities.

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Recent Updates

Tropical Mas community carnival band; Designers, masqueraders, and steel pan players, promoting arts, culture, and heritage within the communities....

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